Barbara Greenlee

Number of years at St Paul’s:

3 years

If applicable, Spouse/partner’s name, and names/ages of children:

My husband, Lorance Greenlee, and I have been married for 46 years. He has two children from a previous marriage, Russell and Ross. We have two adult children, Allison and Travis. 

How I came to be at St Paul’s:

I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church in a small town in Missouri. I left that church when I was in Junior High. I had become increasingly uncomfortable by the rigidity of the church and the insistence on a literal interpretation of the “King James Bible.” I had a good friend and classmate who referred me to her father, the minister of the local Methodist Church. Pastor Wahl was kind enough to spend many hours discussing God’s love and tolerance for differing beliefs. I was welcomed into the Methodist Church family and I became an active participant in Methodist Youth Fellowship and church choir and frequently played trumpet for services. My college roommate was a lifelong Episcopalian. I began attending services with her and became involved in the Episcopal Church University Fellowship. I felt very comfortable in the Episcopal Church and liked the consistency of the service. I found it comforting to be familiar with the service as I attended more Episcopal Churches over time. I married a lifelong Episcopalian. We both felt that it was important to have our children attend Sunday school and church and to develop an understanding of “what religion was all about.” We became active members of St Francis Episcopal Church in Potomac Maryland. We belonged to a Bible Study Group, Parent’s Group and chaperoned youth outings. I even resurrected my trumpet for trumpet/organ supplements to church services. We moved to Salt Lake City in 2015. My husband’s health was an issue and his son, a physician with the Intermountain Healthcare group, urged us to come to Utah where he could help with my husband’s care. I felt the need to seek spiritual support and started attending St Paul’s. Not only did St Paul’s satisfy my spiritual needs but also provided a strong support group and made a huge impact on my life.