Christian Larsen

Number of years at St. Paul’s-

I have been attending St. Paul's for four years.

If applicable, spouse/partner’s name, and names/ages of children

My husband is Jacob Newman.                                                                       

How I came to be at St. Paul’s I was raised in another denomination, in which I was quite active and served in numerous capacities, including various leadership roles. However, with time I didn’t feel accepted there and in my early twenties began searching for a new place of worship. I was invited by friend and roommate (who formerly sang in St Paul’s Choir) to attend the 2012 Christmas Eve service, and I have been attending ever since. I was profoundly touched by the openness and generosity of the St Paul’s community and felt a connection in the timeless liturgy of the Episcopal Church. In August 2016 my husband and I were married at St Paul’s by Kurt Wiesner. We truly love St Paul’s and consider it our spiritual home.