Kristin Madden

Number of years at St. Paul’s:

I started attending St. Paul’s in 1980, and have been a member since then, except for the period from 2003 through mid-2008, when we were living in northern Virginia.

 Spouse/Partner’s name, and names/ages of children:

 My husband is Tim Madden.  We have two adult children and five grandsons.  Our daughter & her family live in Elko, Nevada and our son and his family live in Lake Worth, Florida.  Four of our five grandsons were baptized at St. Paul’s.

 How I came to St. Paul’s:

I am a cradle Episcopalian, having grown up in Elko, Nevada, attending St. Paul’s Episcopal Church there.  There were some years in my young adult life when I was not a regular churchgoer.  When I decided it was time to start attending church again, I visited other Episcopal churches in Salt Lake City.  The first time I came to St. Paul’s, it felt right, and I have remained here ever since.