Matthew Bell

Number of years at St. Paul’s- I have been attending St. Paul’s for just over four years.                                                                                            

If applicable, Spouse/partner’s name, and names/ages of children-I have been blessed to be married to my best friend Diana for 8 years. We have one daughter, Robin Irene, who is 3 months old.                                                                                                        

Please share a little about your religious background and how you came to be at St. Paul’s- My parents are both long serving deacons in their Baptist church in Houston, TX and have taught Sunday school for over 70 years combined. Growing up I was very involved in the life of the church attending Sunday school and worship services every Sunday and Wednesday as well as participating in myriad service activities to help those less fortunate in the community. After moving to Utah my wife and I attended a Roman Catholic parish (she is Roman Catholic) led by one of the most pastoral priests I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, Fr. David Van Massenhove. A combination of Fr. Dave retiring and a deep yearning to participate fully in the church I attended led me on a quest to find a new church home. The result of that search was the Holy Spirit guiding me to The Episcopal Church and St. Paul's here in SLC.