Michael Horejsi

Number of years at St. Paul’s- I been at St. Paul’s since July of 2014, when I moved to Salt Lake City from Minnesota.

If applicable, Spouse/partner’s name, and names/ages of children- my family; Brooke, my wife of 16 years, and our two boys, jack (10) and Kole (8).

Please share a little about your religious background and how you came to be at St. Paul’s-The Horejsi family attended St. John’s Episcopal Church in St. Cloud Mn. Until positions at The University of Utah brought Brooke and Michael to Salt Lake City.  After moving here in June our family attended service at St. Paul’s as well as one other Episcopal Church in the City.  St. Paul’s felt right for us, and we decided to join the community.  We were welcomed with open arms and such a warm reception that we knew we had made the right choice.