Colt Smith

Number of years at St. Paul’s-

I have been at St. Paul's for roughly five years.                                                                                                   

If applicable, Spouse/partner’s name, and names/ages of children My wife Maggie and I have been married for 11 years this June, we have one child Aurora who is five.                                                                        

How I came to be at St. Paul’s-   A good friend of mine said to me “the thing I like about religion is that there is someone other than myself reinforcing the values I am trying to teach my children. Be honest, kind, charitable etc.  Because eventually they’re not going to be teenagers and not listen to a thing I say.” When this friend said this to me it made me pause and consider what values my as of then unconceived children would be getting at our current church and I was o’t comfortable with it. I began searching for a church that would help me raise my children to be the people I wanted them to be. I knew I wanted those children to accept people where they were. I wanted them see injustice and know when it was wrong. I wanted them to have the conviction to speak their minds and not let fear stop them from speaking truth to power.