Sally Beagley

Number of years at St. Paul’s:

 Since Christmas Eve 2004

Spouse name: Tim

Please share a little about your religious background and how you came to be at St. Paul’s:

I have been married to an incredible man for 36 years on Dec. 21st, 2018. We have raised two wonderful daughters who are making this world a better place. I have a deep love and respect for animals. I was raised on a dairy farm in Wyoming where we also raised sheep, because of this I also have a great appreciation for the beauty of our land. 

Tim and I first attended St. Paul's on Christmas Eve in 2004. I felt surrounded by God's peace and his hand on my shoulder telling me I had found a home. I joined the Altar Guild in February of 2005 and still look at it as an honor to prepare the Lord's table. I serve as Clerk on the Vestry.