Acolyte means an attendant or follower and Samuel is one of the first examples of an assistant to a priest. As an acolyte you serve as one of the Ministers of Worship, along with Lectors ,Musicians, Deacons and Priest. Acolytes enhance the worship service to help glorify God.  Acolytes assist the Celebrant( priest in charge of the service, a Deacon and/or the Bishop) in the liturgies of the church. There are many different roles that come under the title of Acolyte: Thurifer- A servant who carries the Thurible which contains the incense used in special services, Boat Bearer- a servant who assists the Thurifer by carrying the boat of incense, Crucifer- a servant who leads the procession with the cross, and assists the deacon or priest in setting the altar for Holy Communion and providing any other assistance necessary. The Crucifer also is the lead acolyte and assists the other acolytes, Torch Bearer- a servant who brings light to the service by lighting and extinguishing the candles and carrying the torches to light the way of the cross and gospel in the processions, Book Bearer a servant who carries the gospel book and holds it for the deacon or priest during the reading of the gospel, Bishop’s Chaplain- a servant who attends to the needs of the bishop during a liturgy, such as holding the crosier, miter or book and any other assistance the bishop requires. Acolyte service at St. Paul’s is open to anyone 8yrs old and above(yes, that includes adults). If you are an adult and have always wanted to serve as an acolyte and haven’t had the opportunity, you are welcome to join the core of acolytes.  Serving as an acolyte is a great way to learn about the Episcopal worship service and give your time and talent to the community of St. Paul’s.

Acolytes are expected to serve at least one service a month or no less than 6 services a year. Acolytes are also expected to attend regularly scheduled training sessions. If you are interested in serving as an acolyte, please contact the assistant priest Susan Roberts or call the parish office.

Parish Office:



A nursery is available for children infants through age five during the 10:30 Sunday service. Typically, the St. Paul’s nursery is staffed with one part-time paid staffer and a parent volunteer. All persons working in the nursery are required to complete the Safe Church training, and all staffers undergo a background check. The nursery does not attempt to provide any religious instruction but offers children toys, books, and art as forms of creative play while parents engage in the liturgical service.

Many parents opt to have their children join them for the Eucharist; parents are empowered to make choices regarding how to involve their children in worship.


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St. Paul’s 2018 Christmas Pageant

This year’s St. Paul’s Christmas Pageant is under the direction of Emily Nelson. The pageant will tell the Christmas story through the words, music, and dance of the St. Paul’s children and youth. We are still looking for volunteers to read, perform, and help with the production. Please contact the parish office or Emily Nelson (801) 649-8522 for more details.